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We provide insurance to members of a formal group such as employees of a firm or members of an association. Group insurance is distinguished from individual insurance in which single policies are sold to one person at a time and from social insurance (e.g., unemployment insurance, social security), which is sponsored by the government.

Voluntary Benefits are also available to employees an owners of companies.  Voluntary benefits are benefits that the employer offers to employees.  Each employee can decide which benefits he or she wants to get.  This is why these benefits are described as “voluntary.”  The employee pays for the benefit via payroll deduction, any portion of the premium that the employer doesn’t pay for.

Because every group is different, we take the time to find the right plans for your company or employees. To get more information, or just check out the rates for group health insurance, fill out the form below or call Robert Lehrer at (818)708-7566.

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